Foundation in Emotional Intelligence




Your emotional intelligence is your ability to combine your thinking with your feelings in order to build quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions.

Emotional intelligence is different from IQ – cognitive intelligence – offering a different a perspective on success and performance at work by focusing on emotions.

Most workplace issues are people-related or relational-related underpinned by how they are feeling.  Identifying and working with emotions – yours and others – will enable you to grow your social skills with empathy to engage with people at a deeper level and to build authentic relationships.

People trained in emotional intelligence show an increase in capabilities within a few weeks, which is sustained over the long term and this helps them to further their careers.  There are measurable improvements in their decision making, their influence and their quality of life.

This Foundation in Emotional Intelligence course investigates what emotional intelligence is and what it is not. Within the course, some models of emotional intelligence are explored considering what they mean and how you can apply them at work.

Completing the Foundation in Emotional Intelligence course, you will be able to

  • Define emotional intelligence and explain its importance
  • Recognise how and why emotions are important
  • Discover how to use emotional information in effective and meaningful ways
  • Identify ways that emotions can be used more effectively and efficiently
  • Explain how different emotions are expressed at work
  • List some emotional intelligence competencies that can be developed
  • Recognise what is involved in working with the emotional climate
  • State what actions you can take to work with emotional intelligence
  • Describe simple solutions for improving emotional intelligence

Ways to develop emotional intelligence are explored along with a variety of techniques that you can use immediately to work with emotional intelligence.

This foundation course will give you some insights BUT developing your emotional intelligence will take you time and a lot of effort, and even then you are not going to get it right all the time!!


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