USA for Indians Cultural Training Course

Course Overview:

This e-Learning course has been designed for Indian professionals working with Americans, either in the USA or remotely. Presented by an Indian who relocated to the USA early in his working career, the learner can be sure of hands on, practical tips which are driven by direct experience. By taking the course, learners will gain an understanding of important workplace differences between USA and Indian culture and gain the skills and strategies to bridge these differences effectively. The learning will help Indian professionals to drive more successful business outputs and to build productive relationships.

Who should take this course:

This course is suitable for Indian professionals working with American peers in any capacity. Whether you work remotely with American colleagues, manage America teams in person, or whether you are part of an Indian / USA mixed team, then this course is everything you need to succeed in your role.

Course content

Split across seven chapters and inclusive of case studies and quizzes, this course contains a mix of video and supplementary resources, all designed to maximise Indian performance in the USA workplace:

  • Chapter 1: Defining Culture – Exploring the role and influences of culture on the business setting.
  • Chapter 2: Culture Shock – Reviewing four important stages of culture shock, coupled with strategies to manage culture shock effectively.
  • Chapter 3: Approach to Time – Learning about important differences in approaches to time in the USA and Indian workplace.
  • Chapter 4: Communicating �No� – Understanding key features of the USA and Indian communication styles, particularly in respect to communicating �no�.
  • Chapter 5: Hierarchy in the USA and India – Covering the influence of hierarchy and differences in the way in which this value shapes the USA and Indian workplaces.
  • Chapter 6: Teamwork in the USA and India – Looking at expectations around team work and responsibility, coupled with important considerations for Indian professionals.
  • Chapter 7: How to Present Yourself Well in the USA – Strategies and approaches to making a good impression with Americans.


Assessment is carried out during the course.

You will be asked a mixture of multiple choice and quiz questions, coupled with questions based around case studies and workplace scenarios.

With a pass mark of 85%, the answers are marked automatically so you know instantly whether you have passed. If you don’t pass, then not to worry! You can take the test as many times as you need and there’s no extra charge.


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