Unconscious Bias

Who Would Benefit
This course will benefit all those who interact daily with people at all levels, who wish to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Course Description
Whilst it is seldom intentional, everyone at some point has demonstrated unconscious bias which has resulted in a personal interaction not quite going the way they would have liked.

It happens more than we would like to imagine, where we may not have a conscious bias towards or indeed away from something or someone, but we jump to conclusions or behave in a certain way that may be at odds with our conscious thoughts.

This can lead to misunderstandings and prejudices that we are not aware of.

This programme will seek to address this concept in more detail and help to make us more aware of how slipping towards an unconscious bias can be avoided, which in turn will help to improve relationships and interactions with others.

CPD Points: 6
Course Category: Management & Leadership
Recommended No. of Days: 1 day
Course Location: Virtual, online or classrom-based

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, the delegates will be able to:

Explain the concept of unconscious bias
Demonstrate the impact it has on those around us
Recognise you own hidden thoughts and be more objective
Display an understanding of prejudice and stereotyping
Become more self-aware when making decisions and interacting with others
Formulate strategies for combating unconscious bias
The Programme Includes:
Welcome and introduction
What is unconscious bias?
How do I know I’m demonstrating this behaviour?
The impact of discrimination
Why we should focus on people as much as processes
Increasing exposure to biases
Searching for and gaining acceptance
Why does acceptance matter?
Identifying unaccepting and unacceptable behaviours
Encouraging your team to take an interest in one another
Words and potential damaging interpretation
Cultural differences
Action planning for success



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