Remote Working Masterclass: Setting Boundaries

Course Overview

Transitioning from provisional remote arrangements to a fully integrated set of remote-working best practices requires immersive and effective training.

This course introduces one of the key skills cultivated by successful remote teams: setting boundaries. 

Working more flexible hours, with less direct supervision, means that individual team members bear more responsibility for their workflow and time management. For this to work, every team member has to be able to identify and communicate their needs – whether for time, space, information or resources. At the same time, team-members must be able to negotiate to find the best working arrangements for the team as a whole. Finding, setting and enforcing boundaries is the key to these processes.

This course invites learners inside an established remote team, to learn how experienced remote workers set effective boundaries. Guided by audio narration, and engaging with interactive exercises and original animations.

Course Objectives

learners will be equipped to:

  • Find and maintain effective boundaries
  • Communicate needs and responsibilities
  • Negotiate with colleagues
  • Establish personal boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance

The course takes 15 minutes to complete, and includes a final multiple-choice assessment.



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  • £15.00
  • 180 Days