Project Management Essentials (eLearning course)

What is the Project Management Essentials course?

Whether you are starting out in project management or need to brush up on your project management skills, this course will benefit anyone who needs to understand how to:

  • Successfully plan a project
  • Write a business case
  • Manage work content and scope management
  • Estimate and manage risks
  • Draw up a critical path analysis
  • Use resources
  • Monitor and control projects
  • Close a project

Upon completion of the training you can upgrade to the accredited APM Introductory Certificate training course which leads to an internationally recognised qualification.

Why buy this course?

Having specialised in the development of elearning training courses for over 12 years you can be assured of an exceptionally high quality, interactive product. The delivery of the training course is through a truly collaborative online learning platform, ideal for organisations with a global reach. The course is approximately 8 hours long, interactive and uses audio and animation to create an interesting and involved training programme. The Virtual Learning Environment brings together forums, discussions, resources, social media, support videos and much more.

  • Re-enforce your knowledge before sitting the final exam by completing the interactive quiz after each session and the mock exam quizzes at the end of the course. This will significantly enhance your understanding of the method.
  • The beauty of elearning is you can study in bite size chunks, having the bookmarking system you can just pick up where you left off.

Session 1 – Introduction

  • Course Structure
  • Case study
  • Summary

Session 2 – Projects, programme and portfolios

  • Project characteristics
  • Project definition
  • Projects vs BAU
  • Key roles
  • Project Life Cycle (1&2)
  • Programmes and Portfolios
  • Exercise
  • Summary

Session 3 – The Business Case

  • Definition
  • Business Case contents
  • Business case and the life cycle
  • Key roles
  • Exercise
  • Summary

Session 4 – Work content and scope management

  • Scheduling steps
  • Product Breakdown Structures
  • Organisational Breakdown Structure
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Cost Breakdown Structure
  • Benefits of structures
  • Exercise
  • Summary

Session 5 – Networks

  • Networks
  • Dependencies types
  • Lead and lag
  • Common faults

Session 6 – Estimating and risk

  • Definition
  • Estimating approaches
  • Risk management – Identification
  • Risk management – Assessment
  • Risk management – Mitigation
  • Risk management – Implement the mitigating actions
  • Effort vs Duration

Session 7 – Critical path analysis

  • Node layout definition
  • Critical path calculation forward / backward pass
  • Gantt chart Critical path / Total float

Session 8 – Resources

  • Factors that affect resources
  • Synergy
  • Resource allocation
  • Resource smoothing
  • Resource levelling
  • Resource cumulative curve

Session 9 – Monitoring and control

  • Out of control projects
  • The control cycle: Authorise the work
  • The control cycle: Follow project progress
  • The control cycle: Plot and update data and evaluate status
  • The control cycle: Take corrective action

Session 10 – Project closure

  • Key activities
  • Project Manager responsibilities
  • Post project review analysis
  • Termination problems possible solution

Session 11 – Summary

  • Course summary
  • End of course

The course on this page is offered by Training Bytesize, an Accredited Training Organisation of The APM Group Ltd.



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