Effective Minute Taking Programme

Who Would Benefit
This course is ideal for anybody who takes notes at meetings and needs to produce clear and accurate minutes that will be acted on and referred back to. The dynamic skills taught in this course will help develop your attention to detail, your listening ability and your ability to write accurately and succinctly.

Course Description
As useful as meetings can be, they aren’t always structured in a way that’s easy to digest. The important information can be buried or scattered throughout, making it imperative that you take good notes. Without accurate minutes, you may end up forgetting what was said or focusing on the wrong things, and end up treading over the same old ground.

CPD Points: 12
Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
Training Course Duration: 2 days or 4 Virtual Sessions
Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom-based

Learning Outcomes
This course will improve your confidence with preparation, minute taking, enabling you to minute both formal and informal meetings more effectively. You will be shown how to write up minutes that are accurate, concise and easy to understand, ensuring that key action points are understood and followed up.

The Programme Includes:
Module 1 Learning Topics

Explore the different roles and responsibilities within a meeting
Appreciate the importance of the Minute Taker role in meetings
Understand the purpose and importance of minute taking in meetings
Review different types of minute taking approaches; Summary, Action Note, Verbatim…
Understand what to prepare before you enter the meeting
Explore and plan for the different behavioural types in the meeting using the
Social Styles (David Merrill and Roger Reid) theory
First impressions, perception and how this can affect the control you have
The 3 V’s of Communication and importance of the Voice during virtual meetings – what you should say/do during the meeting
Personal Action Planning and post-work activities

Module 2 Learning Topics

Recap on 1st session and assessment of learning (fun quiz!)
Examine what does good and bad Minute Taking look like?
Review the structure, timings and documentation used for your meetings and how to use numbering effectively for audit purposes
Explore and test the skills needed to be an effective Minute Taker; Listening and Questioning skills vs. the speed of speech!
Learn the 6 levels of Listening and how to use TED questions
Learn what notes to take and what not to do!
Practice summarising, clarifying and paraphrasing techniques
Learn how to Mind-map and use the STAR, CAR and GROW model to help capture the detail you need to formulate accurate minutes
Practice minute taking using the tools and techniques above
Personal Action Planning

Module 3 Learning Topics

Recap on 2nd session and assessment of learning (fun quiz!)
Recap fun practical activities on CAR, STAR and GROW
Appreciate the power of the written word; Intent vs. Impact!
Examine the good, the bad and the ugly – writing techniques
Explore the power of Semantics in business writing
Use the Active vs. Passive Voice and writing in the past tense
Writing paragraphs using the Funnel and Statement and Question techniques
Stopping the waffle and watching your spelling and grammar
Practical Activity on reducing paragraphs and word count
Practical Activity on taking notes and translating into minutes
Practical Activity on speed writing skills
Personal Action Planning

Module 4 Topics

Recap on previous sessions and assessment of learning
Common grammar mistakes in English
Common mistakes in English writing
How to correct and stop making mistakes
Practical exercises bringing each module together



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