Delivering maximum value through brands

Course Overview

Take a moment. And think about the world’s most valuable brands. The likes of Apple, Nike or Microsoft probably come to mind or in the case of B2B IBM, General Electric, Rolls Royce. Do they compete primarily through price? No. They compete primarily through value.

Powerful brands have emotional appeal and this delivers value because it decreases price sensitivity. Think about it. When did you see Apple doing buy one iPhone get one free or GE offering a discount on a power turbine?

This short course on Delivering Maximum Value Through Brands, will help you think about the value your brand can deliver to customers and other stakeholders. A particular emphasis will be placed on delivering value through brand experiences so you can distance yourself from price-based competitors.

This short course onDelivering Maximum Value Through Brands is a section from our Delivering Brand-Driven Growth course. If you’ve taken Delivering Brand-Driven Growth there’s no need to take this course. If not, then takingDelivering Maximum Value Through Brands is a mighty fine place to start as it will give you a feel for the type of thinking we share in Delivering Brand-Driven Growth.


  • Think about brand in terms of value not price
  • Understand why a price-based strategy is restrictive
  • Articulate the benefits – not features – your brand delivers
  • Identify different types of value your brand delivers
  • Extract multiple benefits from one feature
  • Map benefits to segments so you deliver relevant value
  • Articulate your value proposition – concisely.


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