Delivering Brand-Driven Growth: Key Principles

Course Overview

Influential studies from the likes of Les Binet, Peter Field, Professor Byron Sharp and Professor Jenni Romaniuk demonstrate brands are the primary driver of sustainable, profitable growth.

But too many marketers focus on functional product features, brand loyalty and short-term performance marketing. Disappointing brand performance – and bad times – follow.

This short course provides an introduction to the core principles that will help you grow your business through brands.

This short course on Delivering Brand-Driven Growth: Key Principles is a section from our Delivering Brand-Driven Growth course. If you’ve taken Delivering Brand-Driven Growth there’s no need to take this course. If not, then taking Delivering Brand-Driven Growth: Key Principles is a mighty fine place to start as it will give you a feel for the type of thinking we share in Delivering Brand-Driven Growth.


  • Understand why brands – not products – are the primary driver of growth
  • Realise why brand loyalty has a limited effect on brand growth
  • Learn how to drive growth through brand response campaigns
  • Talk about the principles that underpin brand growth with confidence and conviction
  • Sequence performance marketing and brand-building in ways that drive growth
  • Use the Brand-Driven Growth Blueprint to structure your approach to brand-driven growth
  • Receive practical advice – based on Dr. Coleman’s 25+ years global experience – on how you can drive growth through brands


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  • 180 Days