Authentic Leadership Development – A Transformational Coaching Programme for Senior Leaders

Who Would Benefit
This leadership training course is suitable for senior leaders.

Specifically those who want to explore and develop further who they are as a person and what they are as a leader to achieve optimum levels of clarity and congruence in their leadership role.

Course Description
Authentic Leadership is achieved by leaders who have a well-developed sense of their leadership identity characterised by both clarity and purpose.

This evidence-based approach to authentic leadership development is a coaching process through which leaders explore significant leadership issues.

This includes the influence of their personal history, the impact of their psychological make-up and the personal significance of their future leadership ambitions.

Who is your lead Coach Dr. Tony Fusco?

The leadership training course is delivered by Tony Fusco, who is a Doctor of Psychology and a Coaching Psychologist who has developed the first evidence based leadership approach to authentic leadership development.

This approach uses a past-present-future Coaching format that has been shown to develop key Authentic Leadership attributes.

Evidence of the success of this approach has been published in prestigious international journals such as the Philosophy of Coaching and the International Coaching Psychology Review.

Tony has also authored a book on the subject: An Evidence-based Approach to Authentic Leadership Development (Routledge).

CPD Points: 30 (min)
Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
Training Course Duration: 5 days
Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom based

Group ALD Programme:

An alternative to one-to-one coaching is for leadership peers or teams to undertake the
Authentic Leadership group-coaching training course is facilitated by Dr Tony Fusco.

The group context follows the past/present/future format but has the added power of peer contribution and social learning.

Learning Outcomes
This programme has been proven to develop six key Authentic Leadership attributes as measured by the ALD360 which include increased and enhanced levels of:

Conscious leadership
Strategic leadership
Purposeful leadership
Interpersonal understanding and insight
Relationship management
The Programme Includes:
Day 1: The Coaching Platform

Exploration of existing leadership context and coaching goals. Assessment against ALD360

leadership attributes and completion of the Leadership Temperament sorter.

Day 2: ‘The Past’ – Leadership Values

Exploring the individuals’ personal value system and how this influences their approach to


Day 3: ‘The Present’ – Leadership Personality

Assessing the individuals’ inherent temperament and exploring how this guides their

leadership focus and priorities.

Day 4: ‘The Future’ – Leadership Purpose

Exploring the deeper significance of the individuals’ personal leadership to establish coherent

and congruent long term goals.

Day 5: Strategies for Growth and Implementation

ALD360 reassessment and embedding coaching goals and leadership growth.

What have previous participants said?

What attracted you to the ALD programme?

“Taking a completely different approach to the normal standard training. So there’s a lot of

management training, technical training and standard stuff which most people at senior level

have done many times. The attractiveness of this for me was that it was completely unique, it

was taking a completely different approach”

What impact has the ALD program had on your work career?

“It’s been quite, dare I say, inspirational for me because it’s something I refer to all the time

and I’ve never done that about any other training course I’ve been on before.”

What was the most important insight for you from the ALD programme?

“One of the things that I think has helped me to understand my leadership style, is being able

to reflect on some of the areas in which I interact with others. The ALD programme focuses on

providing leadership and clarity and direction of which is very helpful when you’re in a senior


What did you think of the ALD programme?

“It was such an exciting and invigorating and different environment to be in.”

“For a leader of senior members of staff that really wants to make a difference, then I think it’s

an excellent programme.”



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