Assertiveness and how to acquire it!

Who Would Benefit
Anyone managing a team will benefit and enjoy this assertiveness training course. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a position where you feel people are taking advantage of your good nature or that you need to stand up for yourself more in a non-aggressive manner then you will gain a great deal from this training course.

Course Description
The ability to be assertive and manage your interactions with other people is essential for managers and colleagues alike if they are to gain agreement and co-operation from others in order to achieve tasks and get things done. This assertiveness training course provides the necessary skills and formulas to help managers create a powerful style with colleagues and customers alike and distinguish between assertive and aggressive behaviour. Delegates will leave with the confidence in themselves to be able to display assertiveness when required, but in a fair and non-aggressive way that will have a positive effect on others.

CPD Points: 6
Training Course Category: Management & Leadership
Training Course Duration: 2 days
Training Course Location: Virtual, online or classroom based

Learning Outcomes
Being assertive and positive towards others
Use powerful body language to positive effect
Understanding when to use an assertive approach when needed
Display a positive attitude
Use empathy & understanding when interacting with others
The Programme Includes:
Assessing how you currently assert yourself (or not)
– Strengths

– Liabilities

Are you standing up for yourself?
Assessing current behaviour encountered
Understanding different personalities
– Recognising your own style

Transactional analysis ~ an overview
– Comparing parental & childlike behaviour

Powerful body language
Building personal confidence and self esteem
Saying ‘No’ confidently
– What to do when you receive a poor response

Comparing assertiveness & aggression
Recognising assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour in others
Offering feedback, criticism and praise positively
Handling conflict
Gaining agreement
– Confirming understanding

Review personal objectives & close



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