Ask for Help


Asking for help can feel uncomfortable. You might worry that people will think you’re incompetent, or that nobody will be willing or able to help you. But we all need help sometimes. Learning how to ask in a way that’s likely to get you the support you need is a useful skill to develop.

Often, accessing another person’s knowledge and expertise can help you to achieve your own goals. So, learning how to ask for and accept help from others is an important part of unlocking your own potential. Asking well will boost your confidence and that of the person you’re approaching and can give you the edge in a whole host of different circumstances.

Outline Learning Objective?

  • Explain why people struggle to ask for help
  • Recognise how asking for help is important
  • Implement techniques to increase the likelihood of success when asking for help

Why take this course?

Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness. We all need a little help every now and again. And everyone can benefit from overcoming the fear of asking for help, by learning to approach others in a way that’s more likely to be effective. This course will show you how.



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